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partner gold digitalWe are proud to say we are a Gold Certified Integration Partner with ShipCompliant. This level of partnership is the highest level of certification which signifies we can provide seamlessly synced data between ShipCompliant, our platforms and include the most advanced integration features.

Our product in partnership with ShipCompliant now allows Beverage makers; Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries and Beverage Wholesalers to utilize the power of compliance with in the open source platform of WordPress and WooCommerce. Our plugin integrates these three leading platforms allowing a more affordable option of hosting and eCommerce while not skimping on the regulatory side of business.

Learn more about our ShipCompliant Plugin.


Affinity Sports

Affinity Sports is a technology innovator in cloud-based management systems for youth sports administration and member management. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower administrators and volunteers through web-based applications.

Affinity’s mission is to deliver a low cost, integrated platform to increase player participation and enjoyment of sports

Its SaaS solution is called ShareView™ which is comprised of numerous integrated features to manage all aspects of a sports association at each level. Today more than one million players and 200,000 administrators reside in the ShareView system.

As a strategic partner of Affinity Sports, we design, develop, host and manage all club and statewide association websites through a custom developed WordPress plugin stack specifically designed for Affinity Sports customers.

Visit Affinity Sports is a California company providing a suite of cloud-based applications to encourage social interaction and enhance the experience of putting on, promoting and attending events. Their product is a platform that fosters communication between and among event organizers and event goers, keeping you informed and engaged.

As a strategic partner with, we are proud to say our alignment of our services to their products is one focused on delivering value to the end user. Our expertise in open source CMS implementations, software strategy and design & development allows Events to offer a open source CMS service with value that would otherwise require multiple departments and staff. have been a great strategic partner of h2 Media Labs, not only do we have a great alignment of culture, but also in value delivery.