About Us - h2 Media Labs - Web Design and Creative Firm

About Us

We are a digital marketing firm located in San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego and Napa. We design, develop and build websites, mobile sites, mobile apps and custom interfaces while offering online marketing, print design and video production as a few secondary supporting services. Bottomline, we solve problems. We are here to be creative and work on the technology so you can focus on your business.

Are We a Fit For You?

Our clients;

  1. A startup looking to create a branded presence online and launch their business
  2. A mid-size business looking for a rebranding or fresh restart.
  3. A marketing department within a larger company or corporate America looking for an outsourced marketing firm empowered for short term marketing programs and micro-sites.

Like any other relationships,we believe in building a foundation that creates not only near term value, but a long term partnership to assure the success of their clients’ businesses.

Creative Philosophy

A child’s mind is free from thought barriers, their mind doesn’t live in a box.  Over time our life experiences erect walls that hinder human creativity. At h2 Media Labs we strive everyday to breakdown these thought barriers and harness the inner creativity.  We are company of like minded individuals coming together with one ultimate goal: helping businesses succeed from idea to profitability and be creative while doing it.  Everyday we create visual and online awesomeness for our clients and it doesn’t feel like it is work, because we love what we do.  Like the child in all of us, creativity must be harnessed and explored. Let us know how we can be creative for you!