LeagueCMS - h2 Media Labs


LeagueCMS is a custom suite of State, League and Club tools built specifically for WordPress.

We have developed custom plugin stack for event management, document and media management, form builder and contact management, all utilizing the native tools of WordPress. Along with direct integrations to the Affinity Sports Shareview system, you now have the tools and the option to have a website that is not only up to date, but leading the league sports industry in technology and usability. A responsive website platform specifically designed for statewide associations, leagues and sports clubs.

The platform includes the following functionality;

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Event Manager
  • Contact Manager
  • MailChimp Integration and Sync
  • Custom Ads
  • AdSense Ads
  • District/League Management
  • Document Management
  • Form Builder
  • Events, Contacts, Documents and Leagues can be dynamically linked to Districts. This aids in the ease of managing the content for an admin.

Near future will be Affinity API integrations for the following;

  • Tournament Schedules
  • Tournament Sanctioning (Calendar/List Filtering)
  • State Cup Schedules (Available if the state uses Affinity Sports to manage cups)
  • Coaches Corner (Rosters, Team, Background Status/Approved)
  • Parents & Players Area (Team Rosters, Player Profiles)
  • Single Sign-on
  • District/League driven information
  • Concussion Tracking